วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 12 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2563

Treasury to launch e-auction website with Krungthai Bank to dispose of confiscated property


The Treasury Department on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding with Krungthai Bank to develop a “Treasury e-Auction” website that would serve as a database and auction platform for assets seized by courts as state properties.

“Currently the department has more than 700 properties that were seized from corruption and money laundering cases that have become state properties,” said director-general Yutthana Yimkarun. “We are planning to auction these properties off to increase state revenue, and with the help of Krungthai Bank, which has more than 10 years of experience in sales of foreclosure property, we aim to create a fast and transparent online auctioning platform where participants can place their bids in real time.”

Krungthai Bank president Payong Srivanich added that the website was being designed to be compatible with multiple devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to enable users to bid at any place and any time according to the new normal trend.

“The Treasury Department would be the first government agency to use an e-auction platform, which would also help officials in issuing documentation to bid winners in a fast and efficient manner,” he said. “The website will be ready for use within December.”

Payong added that to register for e-bidding, applicants must submit valid address, e-mail and phone numbers as well as a deposit of Bt10,000 via the bank’s e-payment system.

“The website would support multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, QR code payment and Krungthai Fast Pay,” he said.

“Once have registered, you can place your bid and see the results in real time. The website will alert you when the highest bid price changes and when the bid time is almost over. Officials from the Treasury Department will contact the bid winner directly when the bid is over to notify contract details. As for those who did not win, the system will transfer the deposit back to the bank account specified during registration.”


Hundreds of pigs squashed to death in grisly Pathum Thani road accident


Hundreds of baby pigs were killed in an auto accident and many others heavily injured when a truck transporting them flipped over in Pathum Thani province at 4am on Thursday.

The accident site was like something out of a horror film, with baby pigs screaming in pain and others lying dead.

The truck driver did not sustain too many injuries and the vehicle was removed at 8am by police from the nearby Khu Bang Luang Police Station

Officers believe the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and ran into a concrete barrier, the impact of which made the truck flip. He faces charges of reckless driving.


วันพุธที่ 11 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2563

Five found positive in quarantine


The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration on Thursday reported five new cases in quarantine over a 24-hour period.

The latest cases are:

> A 30-year-old Thai female student, who returned from Sweden on November 5 and went into Chon Buri state quarantine. She was found positive on November 10, with a fever of 37.6 degrees Celsius.

> A 45-year-old Thai welder, who came home from Iran on November 5 and entered quarantine at a state-appointed hotel in Bangkok. He tested positive on November 10.

> A 58-year-old Thai male merchant, who returned from Kenya and Ethiopia (connecting flight) on November 6. He went into state quarantine in Chon Buri and was found positive on November 9.

> A 65-year-old Thai woman, who arrived from Switzerland and Dubai (connecting flight) on November 7. She tested positive on November 9 with 37.9 degrees Celsius fever in quarantine in Samut Prakan.

> A 70-year-old German man, who arrived on November 5 and went into alternative state quarantine at a hotel in Bangkok. He was found positive on November 10.

Meanwhile, eight patients have recovered and been discharged.

As of Thursday, the number of confirmed cases in Thailand has increased to 3,894 (889 in state quarantine). Of these, 99 are in hospital and 3,693 have recovered and been discharged. The death toll remains at 60.

According to Worldometer, as of 10am the number of confirmed global cases has increased to 52.4 million (rising by 613,436 in 24 hours). Of these, 36.67 million have recovered, 14.47 million are active cases (95,071 in severe condition) and 1.29 million have died (an increase of 10,180).

Thailand ranks a safe 149th for most cases in the world.

The US has the most number, with 10.7 million, followed by India (8.68 million), Brazil (5.74 million), France (1.86 million) and Russia (1.83 million).


Migrant workers to be allowed to stay another two years


Migrant workers who have completed a four-year contract will be allowed to stay in Thailand for another two years to help solve the problem of labour shortage due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said the Cabinet had resolved on Tuesday that workers who can prove they have completed four years of employment within November 1 this year and December 31, 2021, can stay in the country for another two years. 

This decision is based on the fact that many neighbouring countries have not been able to tackle the pandemic, and the new measure is expected to curb the spread of the virus as well as solve the problem of labour shortage. 

Suchat Pornchaiwiseskul, director-general of the Department of Employment, said employment contracts have to be in line with the memorandum of understanding and workers who wish to stay another two years must have medical certificates and should submit a request to work with the department. 

They will also have to apply for a work permit within a year, which will cost Bt1,900, and have the correct visa and immigration records.


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Guns, drugs found in home of man who ‘shot at’ Sia Po


Police on Tuesday found weapons and drugs in the home of a man who allegedly shot at well-known gambler Apirak “Sia Po” Chat-arnon in a dispute at a massage parlour.

In a raid on the home of Thanabodee Imjai, 32, police found four guns and bullets, while his aide Warat Wongpetkhiew, 21, was arrested for allegedly possessing ketamine.

On October 28, Apirak was accused of shooting two people at a massage parlour in Bangkok’s Phasi Charoen district after a quarrel at a bar.

Apirak said his brother Khemtat had a row with some people in a bar at around 10.30 on October 28, and that more than 20 members of the group followed him and his brother to a sauna. He claimed the group “fired at us more than 60 times”, which is why he shot back.

No signs of “illegal activity” were found in the three-storey house occupied by Apirak, which is also used as a fabric factory that employs some 10 people.


Three provinces continue struggling with severe flooding

The flood crisis in Nakhon Ratchasima, Suphanburi and Chumphon is showing no signs of improvement, with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reporting on Tuesday that flooding has claimed 11 lives and injured four others.

Despite the situation improving in other provinces, water levels in these three provinces remain high.

The department said it is collaborating with local officials to help those affected by the floods, including providing financial assistance from funds allocated by the Finance Ministry.


วันจันทร์ที่ 9 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2563

Prayut congratulates Biden on winning US presidential election


Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has sent a message congratulating former vice president Joe Biden on his election as the 46th president of the United States.

The PM said he was ready to work closely to further enhance Thai-US relations.

In his message, Prayut said:

“I wish to extend to you and Senator Kamala Harris my warm congratulations on your election victory and the trust that you have earned from American voters.

"With the long-standing ties of friendship between our countries dating back more than 200 years, Thailand as the first treaty partner of the United States in Asia takes pride in our strategic partnership which contributes to our mutual benefit and the region's peace, stability and prosperity.

"On behalf of the government and the people of the Kingdom of Thailand, I wish you every success and look forward to working closely with you and your administration to further enhance our cooperation at all levels."


Baht expected to strengthen against dollar in line with Asian currencies

The baht opened at 30.62 to the US dollar on Monday, weakening from 30.56 at close on Friday.

The Thai currency is likely to move between 30.55 and 30.70 on Monday and between 30.25 and 30.75 this week, said Jitipol Puksamatanan, senior director of the chief investment office at SCB Securities.

At the same time, the baht has strengthened in line with other Asian currencies, due to support from foreign investment in bonds after the US election. Jitipol advised investors to monitor the capital and financial markets.

On Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will hold its monetary policy committee meeting. The market predicted that New Zealand would freeze the interest rate at 0.25 per cent or cut the rate by 0.10 percentage point.

Also, the US will announce its initial jobless claims this week on Thursday.

The senior director said that the US economy has continually recovered but the dollar has not. Jitipol added that the yen and euro this week were worth monitoring.

The dollar index this week would tend to move between 92 and 93 points, from the present 92.2 points.


Three foreigners test positive for Covid-19


The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reported three new cases in state quarantine over 24 hours on Monday.

Two Ethiopians – a 28-year-old medical tourist and her 38-year-old male companion – who arrived on October 23 tested positive in a Bangkok hospital on Friday.

The third case was a 36-year-old government officer from Oman, who had arrived on Friday to look after a medical tourist, tested positive on that very day in a hospital quarantine facility in Bangkok. He had the sniffles.

Meanwhile, seven patients have recovered and been discharged.

The total number of confirmed cases in Thailand has risen to 3,840 (884 in state quarantine), 119 of whom are in hospital and 3,661 have recovered. The death toll remains unchanged at 60.

According to Worldometer, as of 10am on Monday, the total number of confirmed cases globally has risen to 50.74 million (up by 472,468). Of them, 35.8 million have recovered, while 13.68 million are active cases ( 92,624 in severe condition) and 1.26 million have died (up by 5,839).

Thailand ranks 149th the global list for most Covid-19 cases, which is topped by the US with 10.2 million cases, followed by India at 8.55 million, Brazil 5.66 million, France 1.78 million and Russia 1.74 million.


290 people who had close contact with Indian who tested positive for Covid-19 to undergo testing

Some 290 people who had close contact with an Indian man, who tested positive for Covid-19 in the first domestic case in over a month, have been told to contact public health officials, the Ministry of Public Health said on Sunday.

The Indian national aged 37 years, who resides in Krabi, tested positive for Covid-19 on November 5.

The timeline and travel history of the patient is as follows:

February 1: The man departed from Singapore to Thailand.

October 19-27: Stayed at home with his wife at a house on Phi Phi Island in Krabi. He later drove in a personal car to Phuket and stayed at a hotel near Patong Beach.

October 28: Returned to Krabi and stayed at his brother’s house in Muang district.

October 30: Took flight FD3167 to Chiang Mai and stayed in a hotel in Muang district.

October 31: Drove from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai in a rented car and stayed at a hotel in Sukhothai.

November 1: Returned to Chiang Mai and visited some temples.

November 2: Returned to Phuket by flight FD1968, but showed symptoms of coughing.

November 3: Visited a shopping mall in Phuket, then returned to Krabi and stayed at his brother’s house.

November 4: Received Covid-19 testing at Krabi Hospital in order to apply for work permit, then returned to his house on Phi Phi Island.

November 5: Stayed at home and was informed about his positive test result.

November 6: Admitted to Krabi Hospital.