Prawit mulling plan for desalination plants in thirsty EEC

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Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan is considering a proposal for desalination plants to produce freshwater from seawater in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

Drawn up by the Office of the National Water Resources (ONWR), the plan is aimed at preventing water shortages in the special industrial zone.

If the deputy PM gives the go-ahead, the ONWR will study the economic, engineering and environmental feasibility of the project, said ONWR secretary general Samroeng Sangphuwong.

The study will be conducted in 2021, with desalination plants constructed in 2022 and 2023 before operations begin in 2024. The plants will be located in Chonburi and Rayong provinces.

Demand for water is rising fast in the EEC.

Useable water totalled 2.539 billion litres this year, with demand at 2.419 billion litres.


However, demand is estimated to reach 2.888 billion litres in 2027 and 3.019 billion litres in 2037.

The desalination project aims to boost the EEC’s useable water by 2.20 per cent by producing 200,000 litres of freshwater per day.